Ami's Workshops

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Bring a scene from your work in progress to this hands-on workshop dedicated to giving your characters unique, distinctive voices all their own. Add some tools to your Writer’s Toolbox and engage in a variety of exercises to help you lose your voice... so your characters can find theirs.

  • Delete the Dossier! How to create a simple Here-&-Now filter that can be an even more effective tool than an intricate backstory.
  • Adventures in Ghostwriting: Tried and true tips for becoming invisible.
  • How to Make Cliches Your New Best Friend.
  • Five Easy Filters. A layered approach to building a multi-faceted, memorable character.
  • Inflating Flat Characters with Obliteration and Improv.
  • Speaking in Subtext. Say volumes without uttering a word.
  • The Benefits of Being an Evil Overlord. Why “throwing darts” at your characters is good for them. (BONUS: Dartboard practice.)