Ami's Workshops

The Last Story Structure Class You'll Ever Need

In this interactive class, you’ll delve into the weirdly wonderful world of story structure, discovering how to use structure to supercharge your writing. You'll learn:

  • Why story structure is essential to your story.
  • Two hands-on, super-simple Story Structure Origami “art projects” to keep every project you ever write – from short stories to screenplays to narrative non-fiction to novels -- on track.
  • How structure can help you add sub-plots that enhance your A story while identifying narrative tangents that need to go.
  • How understanding structure can aid in adding supporting characters that make your main characters stronger and more memorable, without stealing their thunder.
  • Ways to use your arsenal of story beats to destroy writer's block. (With a tried-and-true Scene Steering exercise to jump-start your writing, even when you’re not 100% certain what happens next.)
  • The structured edit: actionable structure-based ways to streamline your editing process.
  • Tips for using structure to perfect your pitches and queries.