Ami's Workshops

Exploring Ghostwriting, Co-Authoring, and Collaborating

Some things worth considering before you help make someone else’s book become a reality.

  • The Pros and Cons of Writing for Others.
  • How to Determine if a Ghosting Project is Right for You.
    • Introducing the “Six P's” filter to help analyze a project: Project, Person, Publisher, Professional Development, Promotion, and Profit.
    • At least one of the “Six P's” must be enough to bring you on board and keep you on board.
    • If more than one of the “P's” appeals to you, that makes a project doubly compelling.
    • If you can’t find anything in a project to get excited about, don't do it. You'll do yourself, and everyone who is committed to the project, a huge disservice.
  • Where to Find Ghosting Opportunities.
  • Before Beginning a Ghosting Project... Five critical things you must know before accepting a writing project to make sure you set yourself -- and the project -- up for success.
  • How to Ensure a Great Ghosting Experience. Know the answers to these four questions before writing Word One for someone else.