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The Last Story Structure Class You'll Ever Need

In this interactive class, you’ll delve into the weirdly wonderful world of story structure, discovering how to use structure to supercharge your writing. You'll learn:

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Whose Line is it Anyway?

Bring a scene from your work in progress to this hands-on workshop dedicated to giving your characters unique, distinctive voices all their own. Add some tools to your Writer’s Toolbox and engage in a variety of exercises to help you lose your voice... so your characters can find theirs.

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Write to the End

A down-and-dirty, rapid-fire arsenal of practical tools and immediately applicable strategies for finishing any writing project.

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Exploring Ghostwriting, Co-Authoring, and Collaborating

Some things worth considering before you help make someone else’s book become a reality.

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* DISCLAIMER: In the event that science succeeds in creating a working holodeck, Ami will no longer be available to speak at workshops, as she will be… otherwise engaged. You have been warned!